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  • Alison supplied a very quick turn around to supply my T&C’s at short notice.

    Her professionalism and attention to detail is second to none, making sure she understood the business and what it entails to ensure all avenues were covered within the Terms and Conditions.

    Every business should be covered for all eventualities and would highly recommend Alison at Reid Collections.

    Fiona (EEC)
  • Excellent service – very effective in collecting debts owed and has saved us a significant amount of time which is a precious commodity!

    Andrew Renwick
  • One chat over the phone with Alison and one email sent to clients following her advice got me the results that I had been trying to get for weeks.

    I was afraid of losing regular clients especially large organisations I work with but Alison gave me the confidence to implement the right approach to ensure that my time and talent was valued. 

    It was a real shift for me. 

    As a ‘feel good’ business it’s always been tricky to ‘put my foot down’ re unpaid invoices and agreed payment plans but in times likes these Alison’s sound advice and support has shone a light on the way forward and I won’t be going back to old ways after this is all over.

    I feel so relieved that  I’ve got someone like Alison who has my back -should I need it and strongly recommend if you are in a similar dilemma to give Alison a ring. She is a godsend! 

    Her expertise, lovely manner and sense of humour made all the difference in a very challenging situation. There’s enough going out there just now that’s complicated Alison can simplify it big time! 

    Thanks so much Alison for all that you do

    Sharon Miller
  • Although on a small scale, I had an outstanding payment due that was running over a couple of months. Despite my best efforts to stay positive and in touch with the client, the payment still wasn’t forthcoming. I’ve known Alison for the last two or three years through networking and coaching circles, and after a short conversation she took up the job of retrieving my overdue payment. I’m not entirely sure what she said or did, but my client was in touch within 24hrs of the call and I had my payment within five days of that! Alison is professional, focused, excellent at getting results in a short space of time, and above all else, is friendly, approachable and keen to get the best for her clients. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and I know that should I be in a similar situation in the future, she’ll be the top of my list to turn to! Thank Alison, hugely appreciated!

    Jay Cramb
  • Alison is amazing. I was struggling to get paid some invoices from another company, I had messaged Alison for some help. Within no time at talk she had contacted them and kept me up to date with everything she was doing. The company ended up liquidated and Alison filled out all the paperwork from the liquidators professionally and again kept me up to date with what was happening. I can’t recommend Alison highly enough due to her professionalism, good customer service and for basically getting my business the money it was owed !!

    Jamie Gemmell
  • I just want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Alison for all her help and advice in getting paid for two very outstanding invoices. Alison is professional, knowledgeable and is excellent at what she does. She is also very approachable and makes chasing debt less daunting and takes a weight off your mind. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

    Carrie Barr
  • Alison is exceptional at what she does. Most business owners don’t know how to get paid upfront before delivering the service and as a result some invoices don’t get paid. This could put a company at risk of insolvency. Alison ensures she protects your business when that happens. She keeps her word under allc circumstances and regardless of the situation, will do anything to make sure she delivers the right result. Alison now looks after my clients and retrieves money they were owed which they had written off. They had written the money off due to A) not knowing how to retrieve the cash and B) through clients intimidation. It was the last throw of the dice getting in touch with Alison for my clients. They never believed Alison could retrieve the money which she did and my clients were very delighted with. They now send all non paying clients to Alison and have put preventions in place. Alison will stop at nothing and get answers for you. She is a real asset to any for any company she supports and works with and has exceptional integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending Alison to any of my clients as she is worth every penny of that investment. Every business owner needs to speak to Alison.

    Paula Wingate
    Influential Minds
  • What an amazing job! Alison at Reid Collections has produced the terms and conditions. From the smallest of briefs Alison has produced a great document that help protects the relationship between myself and my clients, helping my business to be more professional. Thank you Alison. You have a client for life.

    Stuart Aitken
    Aitken Design
  • I would highly recommend using Alison’s services. She understands how cash flow is vital for a growing business and recovered an overdue invoice for us that was three months outstanding. She explained the process clearly and gave regular updates. Would not hesitate to use Alison again in the future.

    Shona Kerr
    Evolve Accountancy
  • Alison was recommended to me by another contact of mine when I was looking to have a set of Terms and Conditions created for my new business. Alison and I met to discuss what I was looking for, and after that she kept in touch with me to ask any further questions about my business or keep me up to date with progress. I am really happy with the end result and it has set me up for a good start in my new business. I would recommend Alison to anyone looking for business terms and conditions, as well as any of the other services she provides.

  • Following a couple of months with the customer failing to make payment I got in touch with Alison and i’m glad i did! As a small business I often feel a bit alone and unsure of what action I can take. Alison offered valuable guidance on how to tackle the issue and acted fast once we had agreed a plan of action. I felt supported and confident in Alisons skills that the bill would end up being paid, she talked me through the various options in a clear and concise manner which helped me to make decisions. Having Alison act as the go-between removed a lot of the pressure i was feeling and offered a fair but firm contact for the customer. Within two weeks of Alison getting involved she had successfully resolved the issue that I had been struggling with for over two months. I hope never to have to use Alison again BUT knowing I have backup makes me feel much more confident in my business dealings.

    Toasty Type
  • Alison, thanks so much for your help, with terms and conditions review for my clients.  You kept it simple and jargon free and fit for purpose.  Much appreciated, a first class job well done.

    Hugh Fitzgerald
    Citywide Removals
  • Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Alison Hamilton.  Once I took the leap of faith and decided to become self employed I faced a tricky obstacle at the beginning of my journey.  I didn’t even know where to start with my invoice being well overdue.  Alison took full control and she handled the situation better than I could of imagined.  A month after I had Alison on board, my invoice was paid and she had my best interest throughout the full case.  It makes me really sad thinking about all the nasty words she gets on a regular basis but that’s not enough to stop her.  So thank you Alison, you were a great support throughout the whole process and I would be recommending you to anyone who has to go through something similar!

    Maham Hussain

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