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How Well do You Know Your Customers E Book

How Well Do You Know Your Customers (Kindle Edition)

Not knowing who your customers are can cause real heartache further down the line.

Getting paid for your services is the ultimate goal for your business. If You don’t get paid you run the risk of your business having no cash flow.
There are easy steps to getting to know your customer, without any hassle.

A background check on your customers isn’t just about credit checking.

There are always tell tale signs staring you in the face but do you know what they are?

Easy Steps to Invoicing and Follow Up Kindle Edition

Easy Steps to Invoicing and Follow Up (Kindle Edition)

Invoicing seems to be most dreaded work for Business Owners. Am not sure why!

If you don’t issue your invoice then you won’t get paid, simple as that!
This book will show you easy steps to making sure your invoices are done correctly
Your invoices require the information to be spot on

If you ever had to go to Court for any potential court action, your invoice is the most important evidence you will need  This books contains easy steps for invoicing and follow up. This also contains 2 Templates which you can send to your clients.

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