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Cashflow Audit

Credit Checking your Clients

Checking your clients’ background, financially, can give you an idea of whether you will get paid or not.  You can then make the decision of whether you want to take a deposit or full payment up front. 

We can help you with this

Cashflow Audit

This will show what gaps you have in your business i.e. good payment terms, a good credit control process or even a good debt recovery process. Once completed recommendations can be provided so that you can put the best service in place and get paid for your service/product.

We are experienced in both Commercial & Consumer Debt

  • Starting by negotiating settlement and payment plans
  • Should payment not be forthcoming, then we will proceed with obtaining a Decree (Scotland) or a CCJ (England & Wales)
  • We will then proceed with Bankruptcy/Sequestration or Liquidation

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